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Swarm Robot

Project Name: Swarm Robot
Client: Center for Cognitive Skill Enhancement (CCSE) Lab
Date: 2017

Objective:  The idea of a swarm of robots has always fascinated me, especially swarm drones. The plan I made was of a swarm of 4 wheeler car robots, that can work together and complete tasks as a team. The robots could continuously communicate with the mother server and the server could control when and in which direction to move.

Approach: I came this far but got stuck at the part where I had to set up the environment, where my plan was to make a camera controlled environment and feed the footage to the mother server so that it can organize a task based on their current position. However, I was unable to make the image processing part functional at that time, and after a few trial and errors, I eventually dropped the project and moved on to other projects. However, I was able to complete 80% of the work required in the project, and I was able to learn tons from this - new communication protocol, setting up master-slave, and server setup was completely new for me back then.