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Interactive Bicycle

Project Name: Interactive bicycle
Client: Mind Matter and Nuhash Humayun
Date: 2018

Objective: I designed a bicycle that plays a video when the user starts pedaling. When the pedaling stops, so does the video itself. The video would lag if the speed of the bicycle did not reach a certain margin. This project was showcased at one of the biggest literature festivals in Bangladesh as an interactive entertainment unit. The main motivation behind this project was to encourage people to workout properly, as the user needed to bike to a certain speed for the video to play smoothly.

Approach: This project uses a Raspberry PI and Hall-effect sensor, and the media player software was coded using processing. A wheel on the bicycle had a sensor on it, which measured its RPM. Depending on the RPM, the video is played. If the RPM is under a certain threshold, the video would buffer. As the RPM increased, the playback speed increased as well till it reached a certain threshold.