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Baby and Brain

Project Name: Baby and Brain Game Advertisement
Client:Cerelac, Nestlé

Objective: This is a web game intended as an advertisement for Cerelac Products for the pediatric medical community.  The player has to make the baby smarter by choosing healthy food options. When the healthy food is chosen, the baby starts playing with more advanced toys. On the other hand, if unhealthy food options are chosen, the baby gets sick and the brain representation on top gets smaller, showing lack of intellectual growth. The whole point of the game is to promote nutritious food choices for children to support brain development. This game serves as an advertisement for Cerelac, which is a healthy choice for babies. 

Approach: Add stuff about game construction.  This game was made using Processing and Javascript. The client required it to run on Internet Explorer 9. Since the platform was outdated and could not support the platform,  I customized and updated the library code so the game can function properly as per the client's needs.