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Audio Game

Project Name: Audio Game
Client: Personal Project
Date: Date: 2019- Present
Objective: It is a prototype game to be played with audio sound cues.  Approach: In this game,  the player is standing in the street and has cars coming at him/her. These cars were stereo-controlled. For example,  the player could identify which directions the sounds were coming from based on the intensity and direction of the sound they were hearing. Based on this, the player could move away from the cars using button controls. There were also visuals which meant the game could be played using sight rather than sound, but it was primarily intended to be played aurally. The visuals also meant that someone could watch as a blind person playing the game. The visuals and audio were made by Studio Bangi and I programmed the code. The development of this game is still ongoing and fundraising is underway. Once complete, it will be released in the market as an experiment.